#RajdPoZdrowie 2024
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Questions and answers

How can I sign up for the Rally?Select the "Participant Zone" tab and then "Registration", fill in the necessary data. During registration you can add one or more participants and pay for your participation in the Rally. The confirmation of the registration is an email which will be sent to the email address given during the registration.
Can I attend the Rally at another location of my choice?Yes, it is possible to take part in the Rally at another location. When registering, please select the method of participation in the Rally "Any other place of Your choice". In this case, cover the declared route length on September 7 2024 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Then send us your photo to the email address rajd@fundacjacarita.pl or post it on the social network of your choice with the hashtag #RajdPoZdrowie. Remember that the distance covered is not the most important thing, but participation in the Rally and support for the initiative.
Participation package, how can I get it?After paying the entry fee, each participant will receive a start package. The starting package includes: T-shirt, medal, promotional materials, free food court.
The starting package can be collected at the information desk during the rally or sent by courier to the address given in the form.
How do I check that I have correctly signed up for a rally? I did not receive a confirmation of my registration.Confirmation of your registration is received at the email address you provided during registration. If you do not receive the registration confirmation, please check the SPAM folder in your e-mail box. If you do not receive it, please send an e-mail to rajd@fundacjacarita.pl with your name and surname in the subject line.
What is the cost of signing up for Rally for Health?The cost of participation in the Rally is 130 PLN (patients will be granted 50% discount). Within this amount you will receive: the opportunity to participate in the Rally and the educational zone, the start pack, participation in a panel discussion with specialists. There will also be a free food court for participiants. And most importantly - there will be positive energy and great motivation for all participants.
Can I sign up more people for the Rally for Health?Yes, you can add more participants during registration.
What is the idea behind the Rally?The aim of the rally is to prove that myeloma is not a death sentence - with modern medicine and the right support you can live an active life. The rally is also educational as we believe that knowledge is the basis for making the right therapeutic decisions. We also want to draw attention to the fact that physical activity has a huge impact on health and the effectiveness of treatment.
Where and when is the Rally for Health taking place?The rally takes place on September 7 2024 in Poznań at Lake Malta near the Malta Ski slope - the start is scheduled for 09:00.
I do not have myeloma. Can I take part in the Ride?Of course - it is very important to support patients in their fight against the disease. Participating in the rally helps to motivate each other, to build awareness of the importance of movement in our lives. We also encourage integration between myeloma patients and cycling tourists.
Can I cancel my participation in the Rally?You can unsubscribe from the Rally until 31.07.2024 at the latest. If you change your decision to participate in the Rally, please contact us by email at rajd@fundacjacarita.pl.
Can I ride an electric bike?Of course, you can also ride an electric bike.
What are the route lengths and altitudes?There are two route lengths to choose from - 6 km and 24 km. Please note that the Rally is a recreational event and time does not count. The pace of the ride is about 10-12 km/h. Each person taking part is a winner. The rally takes place on flat terrain.
Can I rent a bike on site?

Due to the limited number of bicycles, the possibility to rent a bike is reserved for the Foundation's charges and their carers. The availability of bikes will be determined by the order of registration for the Rally. Please indicate your wish to hire a bike during registration.

How to edit wrongly entered data?If you want to change the previously entered and saved data, write to us at rajd@fundacjacarita.pl with your name and surname in the title. The deadline for submitting changes is 31.07.2024.
When does the registration for the Rally end?Registration for the Rally continues until 31 July 2024.
Under what conditions can I book accommodation?Accommodation provided by the Rally organisers will be available only for the Foundation's charges and their carers (1 night - from Saturday to Sunday). Willingness to use the accommodation must be marked during registration.
Is catering available for rally participants?In the place of Rally there will be a free food court for participiants. Breakfast will be available for those staying at the hotel.
Will I be insured during the Rally?Yes, every participant in the Rally is covered by accident insurance.
Will the Rally be cancelled or moved in case of bad weather?The rally will take place whatever the weather.
Will my payment for the start package be refunded if I am absent?Payment for the start package is non-refundable.