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O nas

Fundacja Carita powstała w 2010 roku, założyła ją Wiesława Adamiec, która zachorowała na szpiczaka mnogiego i zdecydowała, że nie zamierza się poddawać.

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About us

The people who make our community

The Carita Foundation was established in 2010 by Wiesława Adamiec, who fell ill with multiple myeloma and decided not to give up. After learning that it is possible to live with the disease normally, she decided to set up the Carita Foundation to support those who also suffer from myeloma.

The primary goal of our foundation is to ensure that all patients have equal access to the latest methods of treatment. We educate both about the disease and the patient's rights. We provide valuable advice for patients and their families, because every patient needs strong support from their loved ones.

Across Poland


Carita Foundation organizes educational meetings and workshops throughout Poland to support patients at all times as well as ensures that Polish patients can access treatment at the highest level.

People who make up our community deny all stereotypes about "oncological disease", proving with their attitude, that with properly selected treatment, you can live a completely normal life, start a family, be socially and professionally active, pursue sports and make your dreams come true while being a myeloma patient.


Providing up-to-date knowledge in an accessible way. Building awareness in community.

360° CARE

Providing innovative solutions ensuring comprehensive patient health protection.


Activities aimed at introducing the latest treatment methods onto the Polish market.


Creating opportunities to exchange experiences. Patients’ motivation.