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Cel rajdu


Aim of the rally

  • Myeloma is not a sentence. We prove that with the help of modern medicine and the support of loved ones, you can live actively, maintaining a high quality of life.
  • Education. We believe that knowledge is the basis for making the right therapeutic decisions in the field of multiple myeloma.
  • Motor activity. Raising awareness of the impact of physical activity on improving the fitness level which may contribute to increasing the positive effects of treatment.
  • Motivation and positive attitude. Promoting positive attitude that contribute to better patient well-being..
  • Integration. Connecting the communities of myeloma patients, recreational cyclists and the health service staff.


Special goals of the rally

  • Modernization and creation of a "friendly" day chemotherapy room for all haemato-oncology patients treated at the University Clinical Hospital in Poznań,
  • Retrofitting of the physiotherapy room at the Hematology Department of the Provincial Hospital L. Rydygier in Toruń.