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Rozjechać szpiczaka ma wymiar świadomościowy i edukacyjny, co wiąże się ściśle z misją Fundacji Carita im. Wiesławy Adamiec.

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Project Cycling for health

"Run over Myeloma has an awareness and educational dimension, which is closely related to the mission of the Wiesława Adamiec Foundation Carita. We want to build awareness about the disease through the use of a positive message - showing the patient as a socially active person, physically fit, enjoying life. We want to show that a hematooncological patient is not a excluded patient, that with appropriately selected treatment, patients are able to return to normal life and even do things that they did not do before the disease. They are ready to take on challenges, not only cycling, but also the most important ones - fighting for life and health."
– Łukasz Rokicki, president of Carita Foundation.

Rally is for everyone

The impossible does not exist

"I didn't have to change my interests, I work full time, enjoy recreational cycling. The rally is for everyone because the impossible does not exist." - Grzegorz Rakowiecki, Project initiator, protégé of the Wieslawa Admiec Foundation Carita

Grzegorz fell ill with myeloma and decided that he would not give up. He learned about his diagnosys in 2017, when the disease was already at a very advanced stage. As he says himself, an active lifestyle makes it easier to overcome the disease. And together with medicine, it is one of the conditions for defeating the disease.

What's been happening in 2019?

1st edition of the rally - Grudziądz


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