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Place: Malta - Poznań, near Malta Ski slope, see on map .
You can also take part in the Rally in any place of your choice!

Time: September 2, 2023 at 09:00 a.m.

Participants: Anyone can take part in the Rally. The list of participants includes, among others: patients suffering from multiple myeloma, patients’ caregivers, charges of the Carita Foundation, doctors, nurses, health care workers, supporters of the Foundation, cyclists from cycling groups.

Registration:: Registration for the Rally takes place via the registration link. The end of registration is scheduled for July 31, 2023.



The fee for the starting package and the entry fee for the Rally : The entry fee for the Rally is PLN 130, patients will be granted a 50% discount. Payment at registration.

Cycling pace: Recreational 10-12 km / h. A longer rest break is planned in the middle of the route.

Event schedule

  • Official start of the rally

  • Participant registration

  • Rally picnic

    Health care zone – free medical examinations available.
    Educational zone – information on treatment options.
    Partners presentations.
  • Warm-up

  • Rally start

    I route / 23 km

    1st STAGE:

    2nd STAGE:

    II route / 6 km

    Looped cycle around Malta Lake. The start and finish are in the same place - 6 km.

  • Bikes collection

  • Awarding of prizes.

Rally routes

Check out the rally routes

Longer route - 23 km

Shorter route - 6 km

Organizers' services


Starter package: After signing up for the Rally and paying for the starter package, the participant receives a personalized T-shirt, medal and promotional materials.

Insurance: Each participant is covered by accident insurance for the duration of the Rally.

Accommodation: The organizers of the rally can provide accommodation for the Foundation's charges and their guardians (1 night - from Saturday to Sunday). Please express the accommodation requirement at registration.

Organizers' services


Meals: In the place of the Rally there will be a free food court for the participiants. When registering, select the option of food: meat or meatless. Breakfast will be available for those staying at the hotel.

Bike rental: The cost of renting a bike is PLN 30. Due to the limited number of bikes, the possibility of renting a bike is reserved for the charges of the Foundation and their guardians. The order of registration for the Rally will determine the availability of bikes.

.. and surprises.