#RajdPoZdrowie 2024
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Strefa Zdrowia

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Rally for Health is not just a cycling trip - comprehensive health care awaits you. Thanks to our partners, we have a fantastic Health Zone, available to everyone FREE of charge! What examinations are waiting for you? We present the Health Zone posts!

  1. Mammobus - mammography
  2. Osteobus - osteoporosis testing by densitometry - this is an X-ray test that is used to assess bone mineral density.
  3. Cytobus - testing: liquid LBC cytology and PSA testing
  4. Physical therapy treatments - SIS magnetic field treatment and high-energy laser treatment
  5. Hematology consultations
  6. Cardiology consultations for hematology patients
  7. DKMS - registration of potential bone marrow donors
  8. Consultation with radiologist - possibility to register for diagnostic imaging tests
  9. NFZ - body mass analyzer, possibility of issuing EHIC card
  10. Dermobus - dermatological examinations to analyse skin nevi