#RajdPoZdrowie 2024
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Health Zone

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Rally for Health is not just a cycling trip - comprehensive health care awaits you. Thanks to our partners, we have a fantastic Health Zone, available to everyone FREE of charge! What examinations are waiting for you? We present the Health Zone posts!

  1. #FuraZdrowia Association for the support of Sarcoma and Melanoma patients

    Dermatoscopic examinations during the Rally! Find out if your moles are safe. #Onkobieg

  2. #Osteobus Pro&Diagnostic

    Measure your bone density - 5 minute test, result instantly. #BadanieOsteoporozy

  3. National Health Fund

    Make an EHIC card in minutes! Tips: healthy eating, activity. Toddler's corner for kids. #ZdrowieNFZ #KartaEKUZ

  4. DKMS Foundation

    Join the fight against blood cancer - register as a bone marrow donor and help save lives! Ages 18-55. #DKMS

  5. Comarch Healthcare - Mobile Diagnostic Point

    Measuring blood pressure, saturation, weight, body composition, temperature, ECG. Demonstration of life band and cardiac monitoring. #ComarchHealth

  6. PARS - Polish Amazons - Social Movement - Patient Rights, Women's Rights.

    Learn about the “Crisis Center” and discover lots of useful information. Also waiting for you is the educational Wheel of Fortune #PatientRights, #PrawaPacjenta

  7. Medicover Foundation - Research and Learn First Aid

    Measure glucose, blood pressure, body composition. Learn first aid, CPR on a mannequin. On-stage demonstration. #Medicover #FirstAid.

  8. AMICUS Foundation - Dermatological Testing.

    Skin testing, support, education. Consultation on the day of the event. #FundacjaAMICUS

  9. Voxel - Radiology consultations and imaging studies.

    Registration for imaging studies at the Voxel laboratory, discussions with radiologists. Isotope therapy. #BadaniaVoxel