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News from Rally for Health. #TogetherWeWin

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01 Jul 2024

START! Registration for the Rally for Health has just opened!

We invite patients, caregivers, families, friends, doctors, health care and pharmacy professionals, as well as everyone who wants to come with us on that day to GO FOR HEALTH for those facing hematologic cancers.   There are even more surprises in store for you this year! We will tell you more about them in future posts.

02 Jun 2024

Registration for the Rally for Health 2024 will begin soon

Registration for one of this year's most anticipated events - the 4th Rally for Health, which will take place on September 7 - will begin soon. This unique event brings together hematooncology patients and lovers of physical activity and healthy lifestyles from all over Poland and beyond. Don't miss your chance to participate in this unforgettable adventure!

25 Oct 2023

Summary of Rally for Health 2023

The third edition of the Cycling Rally for Health, organized by the Wieslawa Adamiec Carita Foundation, took place in Poznań on September 2, 2023. This year's event, in Poznań and various places in Poland and Europe, was attended by more than 350 participants, who rode a total of 7,000 km. The main goals of the rally's organizers were to show that hematooncological disease does not exclude patients and their loved ones from a normal life, and that physical activity positively affects not only physical but also emotional well-being. During the event, funds were raised to support the realization of special goals: the modernization and creation of a friendly chemotherapy day room for all hematooncology patients being treated at the University Clinical Hospital in Poznan, and the retrofitting of a physiotherapy room in the Hematology Department at the L. Rydygier Regional Hospital in Torun. Hundreds of examinations and consultations were carried out as part of the side events, thanks to 9 partners thriving in the Health Zone. These were: FuraZdrowia Association for Helping Sarcoma and Melanoma Patients, Osteobus Pro&Diagnostic, National Health Fund, DKMS Foundation, Comarch Healthcare- Mobile Diagnostic Point, PARS - Polish Amazons - Social Movement, Medicover Foundation, Amicus Foundation for Psoriasis and Lupus, Voxel - Radiological Consultation and Imaging Studies. The involvement of such a large group of participants in the Rally for Health proved that hemato-oncology patients suffering from plasmocytic myeloma, lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia can actively participate in society, as well as count on the support of others. Together with the Carita Foundation, we invite everyone to the next edition of the Rally, which will be held in the fall of 2024. See you next year!

26 Aug 2023

Organizational details

Dear Participants, Organizational details about the Rally have been sent to your email addresses, provided during registration. Please familiarize yourself with them. If you have not received an e-mail, please check your SPAM box. If, despite this, the e-mail has not arrived, please contact us at rajd@fundacjacarita.pl See you at the Rally!

14 Jul 2023

Roovee - Partner of the event

Thanks to our partner ROOVEE, which was the first company in Poland to introduce a system of unmanned fourth-generation bicycle rental stations, during the #RajdPoZdrowieevery participant who declares a desire to rent a bicycle will be able to personally experience the capabilities ROOVEE Learn more about ROVVE at https://roovee.eu

13 Jul 2023

Health Zone - Osteobus

Ostebus is back for the #RajdpoZdrowie! We will offer free osteoporosis testing for all participants. The office will be available from 9:30 am - 4 pm in the Health Zone.

06 Jul 2023

Ride with us from any location of your choice

Can't be with us in Poznan on September 2? Come with us from anywhere on Earth! Register at https://rajdpozdrowie.org ,and we will send you a start package to the address of your choice! Declare the number of kilometers traveled and on 02.09.2023 at 12:00 pm - Start with us from any place on the route designated by you. We will be pleased if you share photos from your trip and tag us in your post. Let's join forces to #rozjechacszpiczaka! In addition, funds from the start packs will be donated to create a “friendly” chemotherapy day room for hematooncology patients at the Clinical Hospital in Poznań and to retrofit a physiotherapy room at the L. Rydygier Complex Hospital in Toruń.

05 Jul 2023

The youngest are welcome!

The #RajdPoZdrowie is for everyone! If you have any doubts about bringing your kids to this event, our answer is the #Children's Zone!! There are many surprises waiting for the little ones! Bring your family and friends - there is something for everyone! Registration is open until the end of July. We look forward to seeing you!

05 Jul 2023

Benefits for participants

What benefits are available to the participant of the #RajdpoZdrowie   Rally T-shirt (personalized for those willing - with your own inscription) Commemorative medal Educational materials Possibility of renting a bicycle Choice of Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday accommodation for Carita Foundation members and their caregivers commuting from afar and for medical staff at the Focus Hotel https://www.focushotels.pl/focus-hotel-poznan Free catering area for everyone at the Rally site NNW insurance for the duration of the Rally The possibility of free examinations in the Health Zone Other surprises Number of bicycles and accommodation limited - order of registration decides

30 Jun 2023

Health Zone during Rally for Health

Courtesy of the Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Chorym na Mięsaki i Czerniaki Sarcoma during the #RajdPoZdrowie we will be visited by the well-known #FuraZdrowia. This is a “mobile office” project that, by driving all over the country, will enable preventive screenings and educate the public. Our main goal is to raise people's awareness of skin cancer and how to protect themselves against it. Please join us on September 2, 2023 at the Health Zone for free skin examinations.

28 Jun 2023

Enrollment is now open!

Anyone can join us, regardless of age or form. Don't have a bike, but want to take off? We have a solution for that too! In addition, we are preparing for you a lot of attractions, not only sports! You are welcome! https://rajdpozdrowie.org/profile/register

10 Jun 2023

Registration will start soon!

Registration for the third edition of the Ride for Health will start soon. We cordially invite you to sign up for the Rally, the opening of the registration already on 27.06.2023 Sign up now